Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Got Stickers?

Got Stickers?

Firefighters, absolutely love stickers and decals. I know that you know what I am talking about, and... it's ok. It is absolutely fine to be proud of who you are as a firefighter, be you a career or volunteer member. You should be proud of your fire company and your fire department. Affixing decals and stickers to your personal property is just one way for you to show that pride to others. I've seen fire department decals not only on personal vehicles, but boats, golf clubs, I've even seen decals on coolers... and so on and so on.

I've also seen some sort of decal on almost every rig I have come across. Some are big, some are small but they mean something to the members who put them there. I've seen decals with company slogans and nicknames, department mascots, company patches, memorial decals, the stickers run the gamut. While they all serve as reminders to the members, either in memory or to elicit a source of pride, but in aiding our functionality for fireground, eh...well the decals are really just for show.

Recently, I have taken notice of a few stickers and decals on rigs and placed on certain tools that are absolutely excellently placed for OUR increased safety, and will aid our operations on the fireground. Now, I will certainly not take credit for inventing any of them, I'm just not that smart. I just thought that they were great ideas and they can be incorporated into most companies and departments quickly, easily and relatively inexpensively. A sticker, believe it or not may just save a life!

Take a good look at the lead picture above and those below, courtesy of my friend Joe Brown from firehouse pride (www.firehousepride.com). Ladder and tool wraps can greatly increase visibility of such important landmarks and vital equipment on the fireground. Also, they are great identifiers for your tools and equipment with your department or company name, letters or logo.

Another useful sticker found on fire apparatus that I have seen is this RIT/FAST one. In reality the sticker isn't for your members, they should know where all the equipment is on your rig... its is for everyone else! You never know when an additional compliment of RIT/FAST supplies may be needed at an incident. With this decals placement, there is no need to "compartment hunt" looking for the RIT/FAST pack or associated RIT/FAST tools on the rig that may be the closest one to the fire!

Label your RIT/FAST compartment


  1. Doug, great post I would list one other bumper sticker that I think every firefighter should have "when I am not fighting fires I am reading Fire Engineering"

    1. Might be on to something there Chief.... run it thru marketing! See you at FDIC, always great to hear from you. ~Doug